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Space is a Good Thing…

Well, lookie there. Pixelog was mentioned in a lecture at the University of Toronto. I wonder how they found me? And I’m really curious to know what was said. I’ll have to remember to send an e-mail this weekend when I have a chance to ask. There are some other interesting sites listed worth checking out.

By Christine

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3 replies on “Space is a Good Thing…”

Actually, yes, I am. All of the sites listed there are very different from mine. PBS sites, big corporate sites, and Pixelog is the only blog site on the list. So it caught me off guard – yet it was pretty cool to see! (I am serious about sending an e-mail though. I’m always curious about what leads people to my sites.)

Ok, can I tell you how psyched I am that my design was talked about in a lecture about web design!!!! (My name isn’t on there anymore is it) 🙁 Oh well… then again, do you think they were using it as an exmple of what not to do? 😉

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