I know exactly how Hilary feels … my mom always used to gang up on me with my boyfriends, friends or ex-husband even. Everyone’s excuse for it? Because I like to argue. No. Not a valid excuse, and I don’t like to “argue” anyways, although as a Libra I love a good debate or discussion any day. There is a difference. When I discuss something with someone we should be able to stay on an even temperment and state our views without putting the other person’s views down. Not my mom though – it is an arguement with her. If I said the sky was blue-grey today she would correct me and tell me it was grey-blue. I think that’s part of why she never liked the Insignificant Other – he would take my side and hated how she would argue with me. He would never agree with her, which I think was a threat to her – she couldn’t control him. So instead she just hated him. Oops, sorry – she told me once “I don’t hate him … I don’t even know him.” Yeah, ok, it’s all a matter of semantics.

It must be a Freudian thing. I don’t know too many females that really get along with their moms. A few, but not too many. Thank goodness I have a son!

By Christine

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