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As if the woman being arrested for having 17 sex toys in her car wasn’t enough, also found today is the news is the scientist that burned his penis with his laptop (ouch!) and the Crotchless Panties of Doom and the end of tasteful humanity as we know it. What the heck happened to this woman’s hips? She looks absolutely deformed. [blame Jay for these links.]

By Christine

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I’m sorry, I’m all for skinny but that isn’t skinny that is way beyond. She needs an I.V. and a comfy couch with someone to help her understand it’s ok to fuel her body with food instead of her own organs!

Two days later, the blisters broke and the wounds became infected and then crusted but after about a week the unidentified scientist was “healing quite rapidly.”

Ok, file that under “more information than I really wanted to know”.

the photos of the victoria’s secret show were the best….the color “commentary” that the author wrote almost made me spit out my coke. heh

and i think all laptops should now carry a warning sticker…”caution: may produce penis blisters”.


I wish it were Sunday
A mostly-FARK-inspired series of headlines for your Manic Monday. Yet another tragic, but amusing, case of “didn’t stop to think about the font” they’d chosen (image saved here just in case)… Suuuuuure he was wearing trousers and underpants! Mmmm…h…

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