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More Oscars Babble

I was getting ready to head to bed and “The View” came on with their Oscars After Party show. I’m cracking up – they said the same thing I thought about Halle Berry – she’s up there on stage saying how grateful she is to be the first woman of color to win the Best Actor award – and then they panned to her white mother sitting in the audience! But they made a good point – her mother told her when she was a child to consider herself black because that is how the world will see her, and it’s true.

More laughter? The audience groaned when they put a picture up on the monitor of Gwynth Paltrow and her dress from hell. There were also comments on Jennifer Connelly and one of the women said “I wish she hadn’t worn a dishrag! What was up with that dress!”

All agreed that Sharon Stone looked very good tonight. Another woman who looked good that I didn’t mention earlier is Renee Zellweiger as she came in on the red carpet.

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I couldn’t agree more about Gwenyth Paltrow’s dress… ugh. She looked petulant to me anyway. Reese Witherspoon~ wow, what a beauty. elegant and refined. And Halle Berry and her crying got on my nerves. That was how she reacted when she won awards for “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” too, couldn’t she at least vary it a little bit?

Felicia noted that Sissy Spacek was wearing the same outfit tonight that she had worn at the Spirit Awards. I have to say if it was me going to the Oscars, I’d get a new outfit… but then I’m unabashedly shallow at times. 🙂

*Love* Halle Berry’s dress, gorgeous! (Won’t comment much on the speech though – but did she really thank AA?)
Wonderful hair/make-up on Sharon Stone.
Cameron Diaz should consider brushing her hair the next time she goes to an event like that though, and Gwyneth Paltrow *so* needs a new stylist… That dress must be the most hideous piece of clothing I’ve ever seen. (Couldn’t she at least have worn a bra?)

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