MovableType 2.2…

With a brand new site design, MovableType has released version 2.2, loaded with tons of new features. If only I had time this week to upgrade… maybe over the weekend or next week, but not right now.

By Christine

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I was going to sneak in and do it for you just now (b/c I just upgraded Todd’s account in record time) — but there’s an optional section of install for mySQL if you want to use/implement it and use the new related features. I’m not sure if you do — and I know nothing about mySQL — so I think it’s best left to you so you get the install you want. 🙂

Most people will probably never directly edit items in the database, so not knowing anything about mySQL is not a hardship. For people who have very active blogs, converting to a mySQL database backend will probably result in faster performance, since the system can write directly to a table instead of having to write to a flat file.

whatever you do, don’t do the MySQL conversion (even if you’ve done it any number of times, on the beta tests) on a live site without making backups at midnight when you’ve had vicodin during the evening.

I backed up my db folder and made sure to export each of my blogs, just to be save, but the upgrade went super smoothly. The beta testers had a much more difficult upgrade in between several betas because we had to make some manual changes to MySQL; but this one was easy schmesy! 🙂

Yep, Jess! Blogomaniacs can use the MySQL version & Kristine already has it in place! I’m going to upgrade to it too, but not until I have time to sit, focus, back up ALL the blogs, and get it all set up.

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