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My Gold Box…

Well, they let me down again. Here are the amazing and awesome contents *cough* *cough* of the Gold Box full of things you would never buy:

:: Outdoor Recreation Tool Set List: $49.99; Our Price: $34.99; Gold Box Price: $29.74
:: Vanilla Sky (DVD) List: $29.99; Our Price: $18.99; Gold Box Price: $5.70. $5.70!!! Damn, did they end up with 10,000,000 copies that they need to move fast?
:: American Tool Strait-Line Laser Line Generator No list; Our Price: $49.97; Gold Box Price: $34.48.
:: Shop-Vac 1.5 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum List: $49.99; Our Price: $44.99; Gold Box Price: $38.69.
:: Drill Doctor Precision Drill Bit Sharpener List: $169.99; Our Price: $129.99; Gold Box Price: $116.99. Irony? I’ve never owned a drill in my life and wouldn’t have a clue how to use one even if I did.

Yeah, they missed the mark this time. By a long shot.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

2 replies on “My Gold Box…”

They always miss the mark with me! If they had offered my Black Hawk Down (like they’ve offered so many others) I would have bought it in an instant! Instead I get cooking supplies (as if I don’t have enough already) … I think the Gold Box is just a way of selling whatever they have too much of or whatever doesn’t really sell at all.

Mine is all stuff I really really want, but couldn’t afford anyway, never mind as an impulse purchase. A $400 monitor that usually sells for $750 is still a $400 monitor. :oP

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