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Naomi, as usual, cracks me

Naomi, as usual, cracks me up. She had to leave early today because her dog was sick & she had to take him to an emergency vet appointment. So she is already at home (I am still at the office), and she IM’s me…

Naomi: i just had a satanic pizza delivery, i think
Me: what? LOL
Naomi: well, the delivery guy was wearing all these pentacles… and the RED pizza hut shirt and very tall.
Me: how bizarre.
Naomi: so like, his chest was at eye level. hehe.
Me: did you take his picture? You should have asked him to pose!
Naomi: ack no! i should have asked! LOL

I just had to share. She is so funny. As always she brightens my days…

On another great note, Chelsey told me yesterday that she is moving closer to me. She lives in Pearland now, on the edge of Friendswood. She tells me she that she is going to move to the Woodlands. That means she is 10 minutes closer, she can just say she lives on the North side of town like me! So I told her that that is nowhere “close” to me, it’s a 45 minute drive! And it would take her forever to get to work in downtown! So today (yeah!) she called me to tell me that not only is she looking at a different place tomorrow, it is actually the one right across the street from me! I am sooooo excited! She was complaining about the amenities she will have to give up, but so what? I will be right across the street! She said “well, they have a movie room with the stadium seating” – SO? We could finally go to a regular movie any time we wanted to! I have a DVD player, we can always rent movies! I am so excited, I hope she goes for it and gets that place. It would be so great to live by her finally, since I don’t work in downtown anymore and we don’t get to see each other very often. I can hardly wait!

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