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What a crazy week. Jason’s

What a crazy week. Jason’s birthday was Saturday, we went to Mountasia to play miniature golf, ride the Bumper Boats and go-karts, and play the video games. He had a blast. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for dinner, and then to my parent’s house to eat cake and open presents. It was a really fun day. I wish I had taken a camera to Mountasia with us.

Naomi’s birthday was also Saturday – Happy Birthday Naomi!!!

Other than that, a lot to say and no words to say it. How is that for frustrating? Things are not going to work out, at least not now, with the “New Guy”. (His choice, not mine) Oh well, life will go on. Part of me is in the mode again of wanting to get back together with the IO, but there is still part of me that is holding back. He called me yesterday afternoon “just because” – something he hasn’t done in quite awhile. But he also ended up telling me things last night that confirm what I thought before – he is still angry with me for what happened back in December and January – still hurt – and that will stand in our way. Not to mention the issues that I have. Only time will tell…

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