New Specs, New Camera, and a New Bride!

I got new glasses today – very cool black ones. I had picked them out yesterday, but the machine was down (does anyone ever get the 1 hour glasses in an hour? I never have!) I had to go back this morning to pick them up. So far compliments from everyone at the office – and I like them too! I will have to take a picture of them later today with my new camera! Yep, got one just like Naomi’s for only $249. I am *SO* excited. And I have already figured out why my pictures I tried to take of the cats came out so orange – I didn’t adjust for Tungsten light! DUH. Maybe now I will read the manual and my pictures can be almost as good as everyone elses! (Although I must say they were pretty good before! Just had problems with the indoor ones being orange.)

No, I am not the new bride. Sherry & Lonnie’s Wedding Photos are online, and I seriously had goosebumps and tears in my eyes while reading what she wrote & looking through the photos. I wish them the best. They just look so happy and wonderful together. And I simply LOVE the fact that they got married in a limo at a drive-thru chapel. That is simply classic. So memorable. Just sounds like a ton of fun! Ok, I am getting goosebumps again. Congratulations, Sherry & Lonnie!

By Christine

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