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I started laughing with that manic laughter when I hit today’s Lockergnome Windows Daily GnomeTIP. Like Chris, I laugh when people set the “No Right Click” script. In a matter of 3 seconds I can still grab your image. I have been known to even e-mail people a copy of the image I grabbed just to prove the point. I am a right-click surfer. I use it all the time to open links in a new window or send a shortcut to my desktop. Maybe even to add a site to my favorites list. So when people do that to their pages it pretty much just ticks me off and all but guarantees I won’t be back unless you have something REALLY great to offer.

Don’t let yourself be fooled. Your “no right-click” isn’t tricking anyone but yourself into a false sense of security. If you don’t want someone to take it, then don’t put it online.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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i’m with ya on this one, Christine. i can’t stand right-click disablers. that’s a pretty funny idear tho… emailing them back their pictures. what kinda responses have you gotten when you’ve done that?

amen, sistah!!

I mean, really…what in the heck is so important online that people actually think it should be protected.

….that reminds me, I need to make that Christine’s-face-animated-on-Pink’s-body thing I’ve been meaning to do…

Mikey, it freaks them out. They ask “how did you do that???” Simple, I opened your code, found the path to the URL, opened the path and saved the image. Easy as pie, now get rid of the damn script!

I agree with ya. Lots of ways around the script. The script just bugs me because I don’t like someone setting permissions for me on my own computer. My pc and I will right click if I want to! LOL

I see your point, but as one who had their whole website designed copied (actually, stolen would be the right word) (for what i paid for)…i was really upset and enabled right click. i can see your side of it tho.

I have had my site stolen too, and not just my personal site but my business site. Thing is, disabling right click doesn’t stop it! All I have to do in IE 5.5 is do a “File|Save As” in my browser and IE is nice enough to grab the whole site! Pictures and all. Trust me, no one was hotter then I was the day someone stole Sudsalicious – but disabling right-click would not have stopped them.

I *so* agree with you on this one. I know that no little right click script is gonna even stop anyone (in fact, it might piss them off and make them MORE likely to want to take your images! A big Ha ha, I can take your stuff kinda thing.).
And when I’m at work, I use right clicking to navigate webpages on AOL – I’m always totally annoyed when I can’t use my right click button. If I have more than one window up in AOL, I can’t use the normal back and forward buttons, so I have no choice but to close the window. It screws with my sensiva on my tablet, too. Lotsa reasons to just not bother using the script on your page :g:

Right-click disabling is not only silly, but it doesn’t work to prevent the real problem: image stealing.

The right way to prevent image-stealing is to make the image something that nobody in their right mind would steal. When I first had the sign language hand on my page back when GIF 89 first came about, lots of folks swiped it and used it because it looked cool and it would make them look cool.

Yeah. Right. A hand signing LAURENCE SIMON on somebody else’s page.

After seeing a few hundred of those, I took pity on the idiots and posted the images and the explanation.

I think, although it is not fool proof, it is still a way to deter a novice web user from taking images. Some people might not know how to get around the disabled right click or they might not what to waste the extra time it takes.

It’s also a reminder, “© Me, Not You!”

I use a modified version on some of my image pages. I have it set up to only disable right click when the mouse pointer is hovering over an image, otherwise right click is enabled.

Uh, we Mac users just hold our button down for another second, and up pops the same menu you Windoze uh… Windows users have. 😉

How do you Windows people break out of frames? We can do it from our little pop-up-when-you-hold-the-button-down menu, but I haven’t figured out how to do it on Windows without having to copy, open new window, paste.

sure, you can get around it, but it’s still theft. some of you put copyright notices on your blogs and make your living designing weblogs – do you really believe that “if you put it online it’s fair game?” you wouldn’t mind people ripping off your pictures, design, and original thought? i know that when my roommate (mike@barkingmoose) and i see people totally ripping posts from our blogs with no attribution it pisses us off. a lot of the people who bother with a no right-click do it because they are posting original and copyrighted artwork. i try to respect that.

I *absolutely* respect copyright and think everyone should. I am not advocating theft in any way. I simply meant that many people think that the no-right click protects it, and it doesn’t. I’ve had clients say “I want to put this online but I want to make sure NO ONE can take it” and I have to advise them that that is impossible. That doesn’t mean I think it is right to violate copyright. I said in my original post, I *have* had my entire business site stolen, I KNOW how it feels. THAT is wrong.

What make you think that everyone else is so stupid as to think it “protects” their work? That is very high and mighty of you if you ask me. Maybe we just enjoy pissing you off and making you work a bit harder to get at what you want. It’s obvious, reading your post, that it is exactly what it does. Surely you realize that our hope is that easily annoyed individuals like yourself will get impatient and simply move on. So who is the smart one now? If you don’t like it then please don’t visit as that is the exact reason we do it, to get rid of obnixous visitors with attitudes and opinions like yours. Your page is yours to do with as you wish so respect those who do the same with their pages.

Uh, *MEOW*???? Hello, Babs? Did you even READ my post? Yeah, I don’t right click to steal your images, I have no NEED for your images. I often right click to open a link of interest in a new browser so I can continue to read your page. Nothing more. As I said before and will say again, I do not approve of stealing images! I just like to be able to open a link in a new window if I want to. If I wanted to steal your images I could, but considering you were too chickenshit to even post your URL, it’s a moot point, isn’t it? Yeah. Whatever. If you read the point of the Lockergnome ARTICLE, there are MANY who DO think it protects their work. I’m not being “high and mighty” … it’s a FACT. Thanks.

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