Off to the Lab…

Back from my doctor’s appointment, I stopped at home to run a map on mapquest to find a lab for my insurance near downtown. If I go to a LabOne lab, they cover it 100%.

Lab work? But isn’t it just a simple upper respiratory infection? Well, yes, it is. But she agreed that some of my other symptoms and my past thyroid tests warranted another check, and add to that the fact that my blood pressure – which normally runs high at 140/100 to 130/90 – was 178/100 today. That could be thanks to the crud, but she’s not taking chances. So I’m now armed with blood pressure meds (again – I haven’t taken them in about 5 years though), migraine medicine (after last weeks migraine from hell), plus a Z-pack and a decongestant prescription. She won’t let me take anything that is over the counter because of the blood pressure issue.

I get to go back in two weeks. Oh fun, oh joy – let the games begin!

Updated: Lab too busy; I was starving and they wanted to do fasting tests. I needed to eat, so I’m going there first thing in the morning. As for the symptoms – I basically ended up having two appointments in one. I am sure my bp is elevated because I’m sick, however with my family history I wanted it checked. They just took my pulse at first (??!?) and I asked that they take the bp too. Good thing I did…

By Christine

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You silly girl….you described the symptoms of a cold, sinus infection, or the flu, not arthritis or a thyroid problem 🙂 Although of course the labs are a good idea for ruling out other wierd things. Sounds like you did the right thing by getting into the doc, though. Hope it clears you up right quick!

After they took my blood pressure, they started asking me about other things though – I’ve been retaining fluid for the past 3-4 weeks pretty bad, I have had past tests that show my thyroid levels to be off (but in the wrong direction – I should be skinny!), dry skin issues, nail ridges, and she thinks my thyroid itself feels enlarged.

So basically I had two appointments in one – because I wasn’t about to take that much time off! (Although I have to go back in two weeks for the high blood pressure and the lab results.)

The elevated BP is from working in the legal field. I’m not being sarcastic. My BP went up about 5 years ago and my doctor said “you don’t happen to work in the legal field, do you?” She said the fast pace and stress with constant deadlines causes lots of people’s blood pressure to be higher than normal. After I left my job, my BP dropped considerably, and even now when my stress level is at its highest from other issues, my BP is still lower than it was when I worked there. Weird, huh?

Actually, I’ve felt much less stress since going back to the legal field. And I’ve had the high bp issue since I was about 25 – although I was in the legal field then too! 😉 I suspect this is very hereditary though considering my Dad has been treated for it since he was my age, and there are lots of people on his side of the family with it too.

I’m glad you’re not taking any chances Christine. After spending the last week monitoring the hospital stay of both my grandparents … I’ve come to gain new appreciation of early detection and prevention. take care.

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