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On Display and the Birthday Boy…

I still can’t figure out how to send a text message along with a photo from my phone, and I can’t get it into that speed typing text mode either (something 9? Those of you that text know what I mean) so I didn’t send a full message with my photo of my photo last night. Then when I got home, I was so tired I crashed by 10pm, right after watching a very interesting documentary on the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

I was told before that all photos submitted would be on display, but that was not the case. The correct statement was that all photographers that submitted work would have something on display – one print from each person that submitted work. My “Don’t Lose Your Head” (Click to see it larger) print was selected, so it was pretty cool to walk in and see my work hanging on the wall. I wasn’t sure if they would all be there or just one at that point. It was also interesting to see other people looking at my work. I thought about taking a photo of someone looking at the print as it was hanging there, but I thought that would be sort of weird and I didn’t feel like asking anyone if I could take their picture. My phone makes this really loud sound when I take a photo with it, so no stealth photography for me. That is why I was so far away from the print when I took that shot! Although it would have been easy enough to explain that it was my picture, so I wasn’t violating any copyright law.

They have already done the judging, and I didn’t win any prize. However, I didn’t really enter for the prize – I entered more for the opportunity. So in the end, it is ok. I hope the winners were people that really needed the money to continue their education. It would have been nice, but financial issues are not standing in my way and keeping me from registering for the fall semester. (Organic Chemistry, Trig, and a required Psych class that you have to take for the scholarship I am applying for. Already registered on Wednesday.)

The big news for today? JASON TURNS 14 TODAY!!! Oh my goodness. 14. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday he was a cute little baby. Now he is 14! He will be in high school in the fall! Yes, I have to use exclamation points with everything related to his birthday! Tonight we will go to eat with a few of his friends from school, and then the guys will go and play Laser Tag. Afterwards, it is Cold Stone ice cream cake (yum!) and X-Box time at our house, and one of the guys is spending the night. Tomorrow night we have family dinner plans with my parents.

14. I still can’t believe it.

I had this gushy post in mind yesterday, but I didn’t write it right away (being half-asleep and all that) so now I don’t remember it all. I wish I did. I’m sure it will come to me later though, and I think I’ll save it for just him. Something sappy to remember how much Mom loves him.

Happy Birthday, Jason! I hope 14 is a fabulous year for you!

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First, I had no idea what that T9 thing was for, so I just picked up the phone and now I’m glad I know! haha
Also, 14!!!!! Our oldest will be 7 next week and it’s all “already?” I hope he has a wonderful birthday!! (Jason that is.)

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