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I am So Predictable…

I need to write two papers for photography (one on a photographer and one on a technique we are not doing this semester), a speech & slides for Honors Day this Friday about my X-Ray Crystallography project, a comparision of the various reproductive systems of the vertebrates due in just over a week, and last but not least the essay on what I want to be when I grow up for my scholarship form.

What did I do this weekend? Figured out afterthought heels (well, the first part of them at least), finished a sock except for the afterthought heel, cleaned out a dresser, sorted out part of a closet, cleaned out other stuff from the piles that the pile fairies seem to bring and dump in my house, and read about several different photography techniques.

Ok, the last one counts as being related to my paper, but I didn’t need to spend so much time reading all of them.

I am nothing if not predictable. Doing everything I can to avoid doing the homework that I must get done this week. Smart, huh?

Oh well, at least I was really motivated to get some housework done.

By Christine

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For your x-ray crystallography project, are you talking about X-ray diffraction? Or methods to identify a material based on it? If so, feel free to drop me a line, since um, I’m in the middle of reading 50 lab reports about it. 😉

We did a project where we took the data from x-ray diffraction and used the computer to identify 5 unknown compounds. We solved them all a few weeks ago, so now we are just at the point of figuring out how to explain things like glide planes and screw axis to people that have no chemistry background at the Honors Day event. I’ve already done the entire outline for the speech, so now we’re just filling in the details. (I’m going to e-mail you, just thought I would answer here in case anyone else wondered.)

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