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Sitting here watching the women’s figure skating finals on TV. I am about 20 minutes behind “real time” so I have no clue yet who won – but I wanted to share this, so I had to pause the Tivo. I hate Tara Lipinski. There, I said it. I was *stunned* 4 years ago when she won the gold. I thought her skating was dull. I know, that’s not what how the judges judge, and that’s why I’m not a judge. I still get to have my opinion though. Even now that she isn’t competing, she still rubs me the wrong way. I saw her in a commercial the other day and … well, like nails on a chalkboard. I know she’s a “hometown girl” and all that, whoohoo. I don’t like her. Michelle Kwan deserved the gold medal in 98. She deserves it now. I would give the silver to Sasha Cohen – well, based on the short program. She rocked Tuesday night. She amazes me. It’s like *wham* out of nowhere, there she is on the skating scene. And Sarah Hughes is really great too – so I look forward to seeing how this all works out! It would be great if we had a medal sweep tonight!

Why do the women use this boooooring music? Maybe that’s why I prefer watching the pairs and the mens events over the womens? Scott Hamilton was saying earlier “it’s so they can focus on their choreography & jumps.” But the men use spunky fun music, not this stuff that is putting me into a coma. I think fast, fun music should be required.

Off to see who wins the gold. Tomorrow night, an encore of the skating. Yeah! I can finally see the Russian and Canadian pairs programs!

By Christine

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The thing that always got me about Lipinski (other than her Ewok face) was that she was consistently a half-beat ahead of or behind her music. She didn’t ever demonstrate that she felt the music in any way, shape of form. She didn’t move with it or even to it, she was off in her own world and the music just happened to play in the background. That burned me up. And it burns me up that she got the gold in ’98 so that Kwan, the superior skater in every respect, will never have Olympic gold. (Unless she hangs around for 2006. Think she might?)

Kwan’s young, so I think she just might be back again in 2006. The only problem is she is not that strong in her triples, or not as strong as the new kids on the scene. As for the Ewok face, thank you for providing me with the PERFECT description of it. And you are right about the music, that’s why she always bugged me. Michelle on the other hand skates with the music, as did the top 4 skaters last night. I felt as though the music was part of their performance, not secondary to it.

THANKYOU- i despise tara lipinski as a skater- she is just as you said, a dull dull skater. she has very little artistry and always seems to skate to sacharine sweet disney princess theme songs. i was only in 10th grade when she stole the gold away from michelle, and i couldnt talk about the incident for months afterward without an awful taste of bile rising in my throat. She comes off as so conceited and SMUG which i cant stand. But look who will be going down in history as the legendary skaters: michelle and probably sarah and sasha as well, 3 skaters who are leagues ahead of tara. she made a huge mistake in going pro- now her time as a skater is only a blip on the skating/pop culture map. i hope she sits writhing with jealousy in her fancy island home with the olympic rings and “’98” etched into the fireplace mantle, watching my three favorite skaters gloriously better than she ever could. insert Nelson from the simpsons voice here: HA-HA, tara!

Girls: You are right Michelle deserved the gold medal in 1998; but do not worry or ge mad if she never gets that gold medal; she is more than a gold medal; she is a diamond. SHE IS A POEM IN THE ICE. BELIEVE ME, SHE WILL GET THAT GOLD MEDAL, I DREAMED THAT.

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