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On Ice, Part II…

Ok, Sarah Hughes just finished her skate (on the Tivo, behind real time still…) and let me just say – DAMN! Damn! She ROCKED!!! Oh my goodness!!! She was amazing! She maxed out the number of triple jumps she could do! Everything about her performance was PERFECT. I’m just stunned. And I *loved* her music. It had some zest, some zing! She got a standing ovation, and she deserved it. The priceless moment? As she came off the ice she was hugging a man – maybe her dad? Or a coach? And she said “I never did that before in my LIFE!” through her tears of joy. I love moments like that…

(Update after Michelle Kwan’s skate) Wow. I’m stunned. Sarah Hughes was awesome, Sasha Cohen did not live up to my expectations – she did not perform quite as amazingly as the night before last, and she even fell. Then Michelle skated … and fell twice. She could still win the Gold (I have to watch Irena Slutskaya skate still) but … I just don’t know now. I will say you could tell what an amazing sportsman Michelle is though – she skated hard, even after falling – she never gave up. I love watching her perform for that reason – she’s not just an athelete, she is an artist.

(Update at the end) OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!! I’m screaming right along with Sarah Hughes! OH MY GOD!!! She won the GOLD!!! She won! She won! I can’t believe it! And she *so* deserved it! I would have NEVER guessed the outcome (uh, as you can tell by my post below) She got the GOLD! And she was awesome!!! On a side note – is it just me or does her coach look like Katie Couric?

So there it is – Sarah Hughes, Ilena Slutskaya, and then Michelle Kwan. I would have never thought Michelle would get the Bronze. Based on the skates tonight though, Sarah WON that Gold. Without a doubt.

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Sarah is a hometown girl around these parts (Long Island) so this is the biggest news story around here in forever. I’ve been reading about her for over a year now and even though I’m really not into figure skating (as much as I used to like it) I am so happy for her…her joy and her enthusiasm and anything sappy she said…it’s all genuine.

The man Sarah hugged when she came off the ice is Charles Cyr. He is an ISU/USFSA International Judge who was honored to be elected by our skaters as the USA Skating Team Captain. He’s one of the judges who fought for fairness in scoring after the last Olympics and is a heck of a nice guy. He is VERY proud of all the US skaters!
I just stumbled upon this site and must go read more =)

Thanks to Michele for the link to the article. (I’m going to spork the Russians by the way.) Thanks to Jellybean for the info on the “mystery man” – my boss had said today that he was the US Skating team “coach” but I didn’t know a name or anything else.

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