One More Resolution…

Stepping Stones

Taken at the Ozark National Forest at Blanchard Springs (after we visited the Blanchard Springs Cavern) in August, 2006. You can view it much larger here.

In talking with Laurie yesterday, I realized that I had left out a resolution of mine for the New Year. Although it isn’t really a new resolution, as I have been trying to do it for months. My goal is to recycle as much as I possibly can. Our neighborhood offers recycling, so I don’t have to take it anywhere other than down to the curb. Now that I have been doing this for the past 4-5 months, I notice more and more how environmentally unfriendly we are. There generally are no recycling options when you are out; if you want to do it, you have to take the trash home with you. Frustrating, but I still do it most of the time because I want to keep nature clean.

After thinking about it yesterday, I was inspired to go back and look at our photos from when we went to the Ozarks this summer. It left you a little speechless to walk through a cavern that was only discovered within the past 40 years, and to see how we hurt nature with our waste and the effect it has on a living cave system. When we visited the springs and the Buffalo National River, I was in awe of the amazing clear water. Looking at this photo, I still remember how I felt like a very small part of the world when I considered the forces of nature that it takes to move those boulders.

Be kind to the environment. It needs you.

By Christine

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I want to see ALL of your pictures from the Ozarks. Maybe you can put them on a cd for me? Preparation for next summer…

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