Ooooh, Rocket Scientist…

Have to agree with Todd on this one: “The Pixie Stix people and the United Powdered Sugar Manufacturers have decided to drop free samples of their products by air over several major U.S. cities using cropdusters in a well-thought out promotional gimmick.” Oooooh, that’s smart, really smart. He also pointed out that Publishers Clearinghouse recently sent out “samples of OxiClean household cleanser, which comes in a white powdery form!” Oh, who was the rocket scientist that came up with that idea?

By Christine

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2 replies on “Ooooh, Rocket Scientist…”

ok,juuuuuust to play devil’s advocate here…. it’s not like they dumped the samples as loose powder into plain envelopes with no return addresses, right? i mean, yeah it’s bad timing, but i think the panic is going a little too far if people can’t recognize a brightly colored commerical product sample. 😛

Yes, but the samples of OxiClean are *leaking*, which needless to say causes fear among the postal employees. I got a sample of Tide once in the mail – and there was powder everywhere. And how long before people with evil intentions attempt to disguise the anthrax or anything else in a different package?

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