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Ooooh… Scary!

Every time I watch The Amazing Race I wonder … why do they continue to use the completely non-scary tiger in the opening credits? Because that was probably one of the lamest challenges to date. Those tigers were in a coma. The one and only tiger that even moved is in the opening credits still, and it makes me laugh every time.

Speaking of scary, I am going to hunt Jonathon down someday and kick his psycho ass. Then I’m going to bitch-slap Victoria for putting up with him and whining too often. Hell, put Jonathon in the opening credits – he’s much scarier than that damn tiger. Especially when he takes his shirt off. Hello? No one else is running around Europe without a shirt; take a hint, Jonathon.

WARNING: There could be spoilers in the comments. If you’re like me and normally watch shows days after they originally air, consider yourself warned.

By Christine

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8 replies on “Ooooh… Scary!”

I like Kris & Jon. As for Jonathon and Victoria, we all CHEERED at the end of tonight’s episode. Next to go needs to be Hellboy & his girlfriend. (Soon to be ex-girlfriend.) The whiney-ass people get on my last nerve.

I think I mentioned the Tigers too. My recollection is that shot is actually of them YAWNING not growling.

You know, some of the women on that show could do with a little modesty. Boobs are great, but enough already. At least Victoria thought to put on a shirt when she entered the temple.

Kris and Jon are officially my favor TAR racers ever! Jonathan and Victoria being gone really brighens my day because now the show I love so much is going to be fun again. Although, naked Jonathan made me very queezy. That is one image I want to be surgically removed from my mind. Ewwww!

I remember talking about the tigers last season, but that was the season right after the tiger episode, so … ok. Now it was 2 seasons ago, let the stupid tigers go, TAR people!

I don’t know if I could say that Kris & Jon are my favorite team ever. They are too … cute. I do like them though, and they seem to work well together. But they seem to be the team that skirts by in the background, you just don’t even notice them. (Of course that probably means they will win.)

As much as Victoria drove me nuts, I was impressed that she put a shirt on before she entered the temple. (I’m sure they all opt for the sport tanks a lot because they are lightweight and really easy to pack and to sink wash.) Hey, how about Hellboy going all the way back to where the monks live to try to match the necklace? Way to go, Adam!

As much as I’m glad that Jon and Victoria bit the dust last night, Kendra has to be next to go. If she makes one more condescending remark about poverty and breeding, she must be dropped from the side of a cliff. Kris and Jon are the only ones who actually seem to be enjoying themselves.

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