Abducted by Aliens


I have more pain today than I have had since I came home. Not major pain, but more dull constant pain. Guess it is time to up the pain killers and just take a nap because I hate the loopy effect.

Who can complain about an excuse to take a nap though? 😉

By Christine

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6 replies on “Ouch…”

Wow, this is the first time I’ve looked at your blog and what a shocker!!!!!!You KNOW I can empathize with the Hgb……So glad you are doing better and I will keep you in my prayers! Maybe we will see you at Twisted Yarns next Friday?????

Love the baby pics…..

Hugs, Carolyn

I have been your route, it is rough, you are in my thoughts. But when you are all healed you will look back and realize it was the right thing to do.
Feel better and take care of yourself.

Naps are good! Welcome home. I’m glad you’re safe. Just love the excuse you have to do nothing, have downtime and hang out with yourself and your family. You’ll be on your feet with your busy life soon enough. =)

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