Our House, At The End of Our Street…

Jenn! (And of course everyone else!) Look! I finally posted photos of our house!

Yeah, we’ve only lived here for over a year now. I’ve been bad about sharing photos lately. I’m working on it, I promise.

By Christine

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10 replies on “Our House, At The End of Our Street…”

Yeah, and if you had the street address. Unless you’re just going to drive around NW Houston with a photo in your hands, looking for the house. Oh, wait. You do have the address! And you’re welcome to come by any time! (Just think of all the stamping fun we would have!)

Heh, I forgot about that whole ‘annual Christmas card exchange’ thing…. I might have to get you to show me some good local yarn stores. I’ve only found two or three online and they’re at least 30 minutes from Katy. 🙁

Great house! Okay, now where are the pictures of the inside? 😉 You know I’m just picking on you…if a month ago you would have asked me the same question I would have said you were crazy. Unpacking is always a work in progress!

I started to post the photos of the inside from when we bought the house (with the former owner’s goodies inside), but then I realized it looks really different now! Soon, I’ll take new inside photos! I promise!

Pamela, we’ll have to find some good places for you that aren’t 30 miles away! Of course, my favorite shop probably is 30 miles from you, since it’s over in Old Town Spring!

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