Our Wonderful President

As we all know, I have a TiVo and I love it. It knows when to record everything I want to see, and then on days like today I get to play “catch-up” and watch a bunch of shows. During rerun season I watch it on the weekends that is – during the regular season I watch certain shows as soon as I can. Anyways… I went to watch Will & Grace from Thursday night, and what was I greeted with? DUHBYA!

Can someone get that man some serious hardcore speech coaches to come and hang out with him at the ranch and teach him to not be so incredibly flat and monotone? I almost fell asleep 4 times during the speech. And don’t even GET me started on his stem cell speech. I have to give him credit for one thing – he is pretty firm and steady in his beliefs. He isn’t like some politicians, always singing a different tune. But … he said he will not let them use federal funding to do research on new stem cells. It is a morale issue for him, the loss of life. HELLO? You’re the president. What happens when we go to bomb Iraq? Didn’t we just send planes over there this weekend? What about the moral issue of killing those innocent living & breathing people? AUGH! It just bothered me. I am pro-life. I do not want people to get paid to have abortions and donate embryos for stem-cell research. But these are embryos that, as Duhbya said, will more than likely be destroyed. I don’t know… I guess it was the whole issue that a president has to make decisions about things like sending soldiers off to fight and kill innocent victims in other countries. And isn’t this the same guy that was PROUD of the fact that Texas had so many executions while he was in office? Ohhhh… so if they are a violent criminal it’s ok to kill them, but if they are living in a test tube and will be destroyed before ever being implanted into a uterus, we can’t extract the stem cells for research. Gee, Duhbya, that sure does make sense. He scares me. (Speaking of scary, have you seen Gore with that beard! Ack! Get a mirror, buddy. Shave that off!)

If you want a good laugh, be sure to visit The First Twins: Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush. Funny that Chelsea Clinton was the first daughter for 8 years and we NEVER saw her do any of the things that Ms. Jenna has done already. Can’t anyone get her under control? Hello, missy? We are ALL watching you make an ass of yourself. Yes, yes, I was in college once, and we all wanted to have fun and I know I drank while underage, but I didn’t have cameras from around the globe pointing at me!

By Christine

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Nicole, you don’t have to respectfully disagree. Heck, you can be loud & outspoken about it. Maybe I just need a fellow Texan to help me see the light as far as what makes DUHbya so great. 🙂 It’s all good! Everyone can have opinions.

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