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I just found Robyn’s site, Ain’t too proud to blog. I love it! And you know, she must be cool because she is wearing OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress” nailcolor. I have worn that one before! Last time I had a pro manicure & pedicure done … which was (sadly) my 30th birthday, September 27, 1999! *gasp* I think it’s about time I have a pro do another one. I normally do them myself (cheap) but this payday, I am giving my tootsies a treat!

Speaking of that whole waitress thing, I get to be a guest bitch at Nobody’s Bitch while Brandy is out of town. Whoo hoo! This should be fun. Brandy will be missed though, and she definately has my sympathy, dealing with a death in the family herself. Big hugs to Brandy…

I am sleepy today. I talked to my mom last night for almost four hours. She decided to stay a few days longer up in North Dakota to deal with family things and other arrangements. It is definately putting strain on her – she needed a sounding board. I am just glad I could be there for her. I am going to go get some “thinking of you” type of cards this week to send to my aunts & uncles too. I sort of wish I had gone for the funeral, *all* of my cousins were there except for 4 of us – 2 in California, my cousin that is in the Army, and me. Cousins I have not seen since the ’80s were there. (Yes, seriously. The ’80s.) But … I didn’t. I would not have really had a chance to visit with them really anyways, so it’s ok. Instead I am going to work hard, save lots of money, and start visiting them in the future. Those would be better conditions anyways. I think it helped my mom though to share memories with me of things that Grandpa had done over the years to help people out; of the kind of man that he was and how his strength of character always shined through. She read me the poem that they had printed on the Memory card (funeral prayer card thing) and I lost it. I am happy that he died right where he wanted to be – at home. I am glad he was a part of my life for so many years and I had one last chance to visit with him this summer. I miss him.

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