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Pass the Kleenex…

They’ve started to air the commercials for next week’s episode of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, appropriately titled “Goodbye.” I cried at the end of the last episode with John Ritter waving goodbye. I’m already getting misty-eyed just watching the commercials – I had better start stocking up now on Kleenex for next Tuesday. *sigh*

By Christine

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8 replies on “Pass the Kleenex…”

ohhh man, I don’t know if I can do it, with my kids in the room, may have to tape it and watch it alone. my kids cry when I cry, and I’ll cry through the whole thing, it would be no good at all. can’t wait tho.

oh wow! i was tearing up when i saw the special that ET ran after he died. it is very strange for someone that you grew up watching to be dead. i was really thrown when Michael Landon died. the nights i spent watching Pa and Half Pint were some of the best of my childhood.

You come and spend a few days with me and you’ll know exactly what it is to be a misty eyes person, ha ha! My husband says I cry too much.

And yes, it’s sad about John Ritter.

I never watched the show before he died – with two kids, i just never watch weekday TV until after 9:00. They replayed it on Saturday night, and I watched the whole thing. Hub said he didn’t want to watch it because it would make him too sad. I should have listened to him. I had to go straight to bed I was crying so much. The whole show was wonderfully done and touching, and you could tell it was as much a catharsis for the cast, too. So sad!

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