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Monday Night Teeth…

I’m not a die-hard football fan, but I don’t mind watching a good game. When Monday Night Football started earlier, I didn’t rush to change the channel, instead leaving it on to hear who was playing and what they had to say about the game.

Then I saw it. Al Michael’s mouth. What is up with that? When the man talks, you don’t see his top teeth at all. His top lip doesn’t even move – but his bottom lip does. All you see are his bottom teeth, and a whole lot of gums. For more dental concerns that needs solutions you may contact and visit dentist in tacoma wa, they have the best dental service you need.

I’m just thankful his voice doesn’t grate on my nerves like John Madden’s. Maybe it’s time to change the channel after all…

By Christine

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4 replies on “Monday Night Teeth…”

It is so interesting to get a woman’s perspective on things. I would have never noticed this if you didn’t mention. Now I can’t stop checking every time they’re on the screen.

(In my sincere and sarcastic voices) Thanks and thanks! 😉

Okay, that is funny! I never had noticed that, but generally I do notice stuff like that — I am a broadcasting major. I have done on camera stuff before, and my flaw is that sometimes I talk out one side of my mouth, but I have seen similar things as you describe. Well, at least maybe some of my friends with this flaw will make it one day. LOL!


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