Pay Attention, Please…

Just some random things you should never do that I came across today:

:: If you work a help desk type of job, let’s say for the Texas Unemployment Office, please speak clearly when telling someone information about their benefits. Please do not snap at the person who can not understand you when they ask you to repeat things. Please do not cop a ‘tude when they don’t answer your questions because they don’t hear them. If they tell you several times that they can’t hear you, please speak up or move your mouthpiece so you come through more clearly. Thank you.

:: When sending out Christmas e-mails to people that have lines in them like “Keep the Christ in Christmas”, please pay attention to the recipients on your list. If you do not know what faith they practice, don’t send it. If you know that they are Jewish, don’t send it. Send them a “Happy Holidays!” note or something. Wish them a happy New Year. But don’t send them a “Keep the Christ in Christmas” note unless you want to get a snappy response in return. (Christmas postings in blogs are different. It’s to whoever reads it – you’re not sending it directly to an inbox.)

By Christine

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“Keep the Christ in Christmas” OUCH! that is pretty bad.

It amazes me how snappy some ‘help desk’ people get. You’d figure that patience and courtesy would be some of the major criteria that an employer would look for when filling a position that requires client service.

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