Just to give you a perspective of the whole thing...My apartment - Nice pool view!

Here is my apartment, my parent’s house & Wal-Mart. Just in case you were wondering. *wink* Aerial shots from

I can’t believe the people that are calling 911 right now. Since they can’t get through to 911 (thanks to the others who are calling it when they shouldn’t be) they are calling the news station. “The bottom of my house is flooded. I have been trying to call 911 but can’t get through. I just want to make sure they know I am upstairs.” The news anchor asks, “Are you sick?” “No, I just don’t think anyone knows I am up here.” UGH! No wonder you guys can’t get through – you are fine. Sure, it sucks your house is flooded, but you are fine. You aren’t in danger. You are on the second floor. Granted, the woman that called because her neighbors were in wheelchairs and they are in one-story houses and she can’t help them evacuate – SHE should have called. THAT is a legitimate reason. Not just because you want to get out. I am extra edgy, it’s almost 4am. People are trying to get through the flood water – like they didn’t notice it’s flooding all over the city! Geepers.

By Christine

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wow! you are close to me! i waited tables at pappadeaux’s the summer before leaving for college, while working at the circuit city in customer service at the same time. i go to the best buy there at least once a week, and that chick-fil-a is my favorite place to grab lunch. isn’t the new highway extension of 249 great? takes me literally one minute from Louetta to 1960.

Told you I was close! 🙂 Yes, the improvements on 249 are awesome. I could walk to the Chick-Fil-A, but actually I *love* the mini-corn dogs at the James Coney Island next door. And I highly recommend their Oreo Cookie cheesecake! At Christmas I drove to Pappadeaux’s, parked in their lot (without getting on 1960 of course) and walked to Best Buy!

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