One of the Top Ten maybe?

ACK! Tonight’s storm could make the Top Ten SE Texas Weather Events! Along with the Great Storm of 1900 in Galveston, Hurricane Alicia (’83), Hurricane Carla (’61) and the Floods of ’94. Scary thing is … this is the *first* Tropical Storm of the season!

I am still up (obviously), watching the non-stop news coverage of the floods here in Houston. Cars are completely under water on some roads. I just went outside in the rain (ugh) to check on my car and the water is up to the bottom of the car almost. I can’t decide if I should wade out there and walk the route over to the parking lot across the street to see if it gets even deeper or if I should just leave it where it is at. I won’t drive it across without walking it first because I have no idea how deep it will get in the street. Probably deeper since you go up a driveway to get into the apartment lot. I should probably just leave it where it is at instead of risking it.

Sorry, the delirious rantings of a flood victim at 3am…

By Christine

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