I photographed this rose while on a photo hunt on Westheimer because Elaine is convinced I can’t pass up a flower without taking a picture of it. She is probably right.


I have no idea when I became so jaded about Valentine’s Day, but it really hit home this morning when I heard them say on the Today Show that this is a billion dollar holiday. Oh no, not just one billion, but several billion.

Don’t we all have better things to spend our money than fancy dinners and flowers that will be dead in a week? And if you love someone, shouldn’t you tell them that all the time? Not just on the day dictated to you by the stores? I just hate this holiday more and more every year.

I think I’m getting the most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day though – we are finally having the kitchen repainted. Another move to try and rid the house of the ugly 1989 country blue wallpaper. I can’t WAIT for it to be GONE. (I will have to remember to snap photos before it goes away though. It is bad. V. bad.) Phase II will be to deal with the cabinets (paint), countertops, and lighting, but that will have to wait for a year or two. For now, just changing the color of the walls will be a great start!

By Christine

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I won’t know exactly what shade until I try some samples on the wall, but I said before it would be an olive/sage tone. Something similar to my furniture – much like many photos I’ve seen in magazines lately that I really like with (later) white cabinets and a dark countertop. And new lights in the kitchen!

The background of this site might not be too far off from the final shade.

I used to hate Valentine’s Day too, until I met John. Now it’s pretty cool–especially considering I got my own ballwinder and swift yesterday. Even so, the holiday is completely overrated, and I’m hoping I can halt the brainwashing of our kids before it’s too late.

Oh gosh, remodeling talk. I think I’m gonna swoon. You don’t have to wait a year or two. Let me help! Oh you are gonna get to know the Home Depot guys really well. Start going to home shows now. What fun!

Chris says that Valentine’s Day is a total rookie holiday where everyone who generally doesn’t appreciate their spouse tries to make up for it with a nice meal. We stayed home, cooked and watched a movie. But yes, he did get me flowers (which is nothing out of the ordinary since he gets them for me every week!). An unofficial poll taken here at work shows that most people here celebrate the weekened before or after in terms of going out for a fancy schmancy dinner.

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