Poor Julie! And working on baggage…

I like the new look, Julie! Very pretty. I like the colors – soothing. And your picture of you & Johnny color coordinates perfectly! Hope your “gash” is doing better – don’t know what happened, but with beer & vicoden to make it better… it can’t be good!

Monday’s Horoscope was: Take inventory and get rid off all the baggage that you don’t need. Even though some items may have sentimental value, you will find once you pack them in the box that the sentiment was overrated. So you may want to clean out the metaphorical closets and, as you do, begin to acquaint yourself with the new you. Have you grown and changed so much that you are a completely different person these days? The hard truth is that most certainly you have. Do you like what you see?

Wow. Considering all that has happened with the IO, this really hit home. Then… I got an e-mail late in the morning from him. He IM’d me after he sent the e-mail and apologized for the things that he said to me last week. Where the horrorscope comes back in is that I have had time to realize I have grown and changed so much that I have a very hard time seeing us together. I love him & care about him – I have known him for 8 years. It is really hard for me to dislike anyone, but especially not someone that has been such a key part of my life. So I am trying to figure out where to put this baggage…

Went to the gym to work out last night. Walked .75 mile (working my way up) and then did leg & arm weights. I know some people say you should do legs one day, arms on a separate day. I just can’t do it. If I’m there, I’m working out – just let me go! At least I am doing it. I felt great after working out last night. I love that feeling of accomplishment. Now I feel lovely stiff this morning of course! Off to stretch and then get ready for work.

By Christine

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