Props for Excedrin! And the latest on CNN…

Kymberlie’s Excedrin Migraine kicked my migraine’s butt. Yeah!!! w00t! Two thumbs up for the Excedrin Migraine. Todd, next time Robyn tries to get you to try it you had better do it. Got that? Or I am going to send wife #3 after you to kick your butt. Yep, that’s a threat, and considering the e-mail she was kind enough to include me on today to my ex-husband, you had better be scared.

The latest on CNN (Todd so kindly named this “Christine’s News Network): Yeah, this time wife #3 wasn’t nearly as mad at me as she is at the ex. Poor guy, he got his butt kicked. Can’t say I blame her though – it seems HE put the idea in her head that I wanted him back! Goober. I never said or thought any such thing. If you’re the type who wants to follow this soap opera, you can read more… (be warned, it’s LOOOONG…)

The e-mail from Wife #3 (I didn’t feel like editing typos & so forth, she must have been angry because her other messages weren’t as filled with them as this one is):

October 11, 2001

Regarding your emails Christine; please stop emailing me. I have nothing else to say to you, I have said what I had to say, and I am not going to be any part of insulting one another.

Considering your email Rick; I have a lot to say to you. I am going to be honest and up front. Right now I do not care how this might sit with you or anyone else. This is something that I am getting off of my chest. So take a seat and make sure that you pray, so the Lord will change my heart and mind before I end this email. I TOO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE HEARTLESS AND SPINELESS.

With this whole situation regarding your friend/ex wife Christine. I made how I felt about it clear when we were dating and when we were married. When we sat they’re for hours talking about different situations. When you came to my house and stated that Christine wanted you to go to VA to see her. You asked me then what I thought. I said to you, “You do what you feel you need to do, and I will do what I feel I need to do”. Then you turned around some time later, and stated that Christine asked you if; you and her could work things out between the two of you. You told me that you told her No. Also you stated to me on numerous occasions that by her emails and your phone conversation with her, that you thought she was up to something. I asked you what that was, you stated; winning you back. I told you then how I felt about this whole situation. I also told you, that I did not want her knowing anything about us. Due to her wanting more and that this friend/ex’s have no right to be involved in our lives like that. Now here we are married and she

is still emailing saying things that should not be said. You would read the emails to me and make remarks dealing with those emails but never writing her to tell her how you really felt. Then there we sat and you were on the computer the other day and you read one of the emails that she wrote to you, about her wanting to call our house. You told her not to do that, because it would not sit to well. Then she turned around and wrote that she was married to you, and that she has rights to call and talk to you.

That is where I drew the line. I told you that I would email her because now she is stepping over the line and into our marriage and it was not wanted. You told me then that you would email her again and let her know that there should be no more contact. You never did, so I did what I said I was going to do, I do not feel I was out of line in anyway.

Due to it not being any of her business and you need to be careful on what you tell her and realize what her intent really was (this is what you had me believing not what I came up on my own). (C’s note: Great! He convinced her I wanted him back, even though I never did, no wonder she wrote me the other day!) You agreed with me that there should be no more emails or phone conversation between the two of you. After we got done talking about this whole situation, I never really could understand why you would choose your friend/ex wife to confide in. (C’s note: He never “confided” in anything with me – he told me things you might tell a co-worker – I moved in with her (when I lectured him on my OWN about safe sex, you don’t live with someone & NOT sleep with them – I wasn’t born yesterday…); she’s pregnant; we’re married; I’m not deployed, etc.)

Do I understand why you did what you did, no. I am not going to sit here and figure out which one of you are lying and telling the truth. Your friend/ex wife says it is all you. You say it is she. So which one is it Rick, you or her?

Due to this being our marriage, not yours and Christine. I said what I had to say and that was the end of that. Think about it, why in the hell would you confide all of our business (What? Telling me “we’re looking to buy a house” or “we’re married” – how did he confide all of his business to me? I get 3-4 sentence e-mails from him normally. No mini-novels from him! That’s why I suggested calling, because I wanted details! As a friend!) to a person who can actually try to destroy what we have together. Why would you tell her things that had no concern with her, especially with the baby that we are having together? (Don’t most people announce when they are having a baby? Was that supposed to be a secret?) Why would you ask her opinion about your relationship? (He never once asked my opinion – I gave it without being asked! LOL) When all she was telling you was not to marry me, not to sleep with me, etc. (I told him not to sleep with her because sex makes babies. Or you can get an STD. I told him to marry her if he was in love, but do not say “it’s the right thing to do” if you don’t love her – but that was more unsolicited opinion when he told me about the pregnancy.) This is a person that you confided in about us, your friend/ ex wife. Does this really make since? You honestly wonder why your life has been the way it is.

Something you should realize and you should have learned out of two other marriages. There is a lesson to learn with every situation that occurs in your life. Out of everything that you have ever experienced in your life, you have learned nothing. Especially if this friend/ex wife, caused problems in your second marriage. That should been an eye opener there. (HUH? I talked to him maybe, at most, 3 times during marriage #2 – he was in Bosnia and wife #2 was sleeping around. How on earth did I cause problems? Unless #2 had issues with the fact that she dated him before our divorce was final…) Right now as I sit here, I can understand why there was problems. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT OR ACCEPT IT. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE. EITHER DEAL WITH WITH-OR WALK.

Now here I sit wondering what the hell has happen with all of this, I feel that it was my right to make it clear that I wanted your friend/ex wife to back off, due to her invading into our marriage. I told you how I felt and you told me that you would take care of it. I left this up to you, you being my husband, protector and her being your friend/ex wife. Rick you totally ignored how I felt. So the last email that she sent you, she was out of line. So I took it upon myself to do what I thought need to be done. I will not apologize for what I have done. I do not think my emails were rude in anyway. I can not help that your friend/ex wife wanted to start “Throwing Mud”. When she started getting nasty with her emails, I had no need to respond back to her. I am much above that, and I guess you do not see that.

For you to think that I was in the wrong, that I disrespected you. No you disrespected me, as your wife. This was something that you knew bothered me,

and you did not do what you could to save my feeling or being hurt by you. (This was one of my constant issues with him – he would tell me “ok honey, I’ll do that” to soothe me, but then not do it because it wasn’t what he wanted to do. Drove me nuts – another reason why we would NEVER have been able to work things out.)

For you to get up in my face, yelling at me; showed me everything that I need to know. How can you pick your ex wife over me, your wife. We have talked and talked about all of this, but never once did you ever stick up for me when dealing with your ex wife. I like how you say, “I know how Christine is”. What is really sorry, is that my own husband does not know how I am. I am a fighter, but I am also a person that realizes when something is not going to work. As far as I can tell and how I feel, NONE of this is going to work. Due to you lying to me about so much shit, you letting people into our lives that have no purpose, regardless if you were married to them or not.

Remember, Christine is a ex for a reason. Then again, you are Catholic just like her, and you might still consider yourself married to her, as she does with you. Who knows, I personally think that both of you are fucked up. (Hey! I didn’t deserve that! I’m not fucked up!)

When your friend/ex wife Christine made the comment about you still being married in the Catholic Church. Never once did you ever stand up for yourself. But then again, I guess fucked up people only consider what they want too. I guess in the eyes of the Catholic Church knowing that I could run around and get pregnant while being married to you, and all I have to do is say 50 hell (sic) Mary’s, I guess that is having your cake and eating it too. Never the less, I was never married to her and don’t want to start now.

What I will never understand is, how come it is all right for you to tell your ex about our lives things that should be just between us, but it is not all right for me to tell my ex husband? If I wanted to a husband like you, then I would have stayed with my ex-husband JERRY. I had more time invested in that marriage than both of yours did together. If I wanted to be with a person who has had a hard time telling the truth, being honest, and giving up his past, damn I would have just stayed where I was at, I was miserable but conformable in ways. Jerry and I started a family together, but when he did what your ex wife did, that is when I decided to end it. When I ended it with him, I still had to remain friends with him due to our

son together. Information given to him is on a need to know bases, not tell him everything that he will eventually throw back up in my face. I know that Jerry still loves me, and even though we are married to other people he would still like to see us work things out. Due to me being married to him, I have told him that will never happen and asked him to stop. Jerry did stop because he respects me enough to take my feelings into consideration. Just never respected me enough to keep his penis in his own pants, LMAO.

All I have ever wanted with us was to be happy and I mean truly happy. I know how to be a wife and mother, this is something in my life that I am grateful that I have been able to accomplish in my life. The husband I have always wanted was a TRUTHFUL, HONEST, LOVING, UNDERSTANDING, DEVOTED, PERSON. This is something that you had me to believe that you were. All I want to say, is you are not the person that I that I believed you was. The things that I have found out in the last few months since we have been married, has done a lot of things to my feelings towards you. I can say this, even though I hate to say it because I do not want to hurt your feelings in anyway. The more I get to know you, the more I dislike you. My father once told me before I married Jerry. His exact words were….

“M, do you like him”. I said, “Father I love him”. Daddy said, ” You can not love someone unless you like them”. Every since that day on March 23, 1996. I have lived by that saying.

Rick you have a lot of work to do on yourself. You ask me for help, I try to help you. I do not know what else there is to do for you. I suggested that maybe you should talk to your mother about this whole situation, and you said that she would tell you that you fucked up. That your mother has made it perfectly clear how she feels about Christine, and so forth. Let me tell you this, a mother’s opinion is always right on the mark. (Yeah, ok, uhhhhhm – no. I know lots of mothers whose opinions are not right on the mark.)

I will tell you this, I do not want to live like this and I will not. I know I can do it by myself, when raising my children. I am not afraid to step out again and prove once again that I can do it.

Right now you make the decision whether you can be the husband that you promised me, that you were going to be. If not, then be honest and let me go.

The only reason I am even considering staying with you is because I did take vows with you. Regardless if you meant them or not, I meant every word I said. I vowed my life to you in front of our friends and the Lord, I promise to be faithful, honest, loving, understand, and devoted to you and only you.

I have a lot of mixed feeling at this time, I am hoping that through prayer, I will eventually start feeling the way that I use to about you.

Oh and about you wanting to give Christine our address for the annulment paper work to be done. Think about it, nothing about an annulment ever came up in any of those emails. I feel that after all that is said and done, there is no need for even to contact us, ever again. You and her never got an annulment when getting divorced, that has been 10 to 12 years ago. So No, I do not want any further contact with her. Right now, I can careless what is important to her and her concerns. You and her had no concerns when it came to our marriage. You are remarried now, and we did not need any annulment. I will tell you this, I am sure there is some way that she can be grated one on her own. She can say all she wants about how she is going through the military, because she has rights to you. You know as good as I do, she has nothing. That is where I want to leave it. So as of right now, I do not care what promise you have made her, you are made a promise to me. I fined it very ironic that after I get involved with this, all she wanted was a annulment. Well if she wants one, she will get it on her own. We are taking no part…

This is how I feel and this is how I will stand. I am going to tell you now, do not ever LIE TO ME AGAIN, EVER! NEXT TIME I WILL WALK, NO BEGGING OR YOU CRYING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT. I have always been truthful with you and I deserve that back. Next time you want to write me a letter on how you are feeling, address it to me only, not you ex wife too. I found it very insulting, as I am sure if you read it again you would feel the same. Regardless if you addressed the email to Christine, on how you felt, it still pissed me off. And about your life being made into a living hell, you are right you used the wrong words, you should have just put that you were scared of me walking. Living hell is when I no longer trust a person, and think you know what I am talking about. I will distance myself away from you, just so I no longer get hurt. There is a lot of work here that needs to me done.

Remember this, I only knew and believed what you told, what I saw, and nothing more. You put me in this situation, so I want to personally take this time to THANK YOU!!!!!!!



By Christine

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