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Since arriving at SXSW, I’ve been thinking a lot about that night that I told Tantek that CSS makes my eyes bleed. I’ll admit it, I’ve only been lightly reading the CSS book I got over a year ago. Why? It still wasn’t clicking for me. I just didn’t get it. At all.

Two weeks ago I had my, “Ah ha! I get it!” moment where I could understand how the CSS on a site was working to format the table-free layout. But I only got how it was working, not why it was working that way. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people that needs to know why in addition to how.

Of course there is lot of talk at SXSWi about CSS, semantics, how to code great pages, how to trick out your blog, and so on. There is also a Borders bookstore here featuring the books of the authors that are presenting on the panels. Today while killing time, I stopped in there and browsed the books. As my work is changing, I need to build up my skill set in this area.

One of the books that I picked up was Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook. In just reading a few pages, I realized it was the book I’ve been missing all along. It not only covers how to do things, more importantly it covers WHY. Why using is better than using Why you should lay CSS out a certain way. Why, why, why.

I approached Dan Cederholm in the hallway to thank him. (Well, that and to sign my book, of course.) Finally, a book that made it all clear. If you are like me, and you want to improve your web skills, I highly recommend this book. I am excited about building a better web.

By Christine

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CSS is an amazing thing that took me a while to get a firm grasp of — and I’m just now getting into the nitty gritty of CSS design (browser hacks, inheritance tricks, etc.) Have you checked out the SitePoint books? They’re amazing. I have 2 CSS books from them and they’re both fantastic!!! I seriously would not be where I am today without them. I have 4 books by SitePoint and they’re all fantastic — high recommend it.

I have been looking for a few good CSS/HTML books for beginners. The ones I have provide the basics but nothing about achieving more complex designs for websites. I need something that goes into details about how to achieve a certain look or at least provides me with a working model to improve upon. Will the book you mentioned be too complicated for someone new to web design?

Would that be a good book for a beginner? I know the basics. I can edit and manipulate code to some extent but I can’t even begin to write it all out on my own. I’ve been trying to teach myself though. If you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it hun!

Also, ich bin echt froh, dass ich diese Seite gefunden habe. Da ich schon seit 6 Jahren stolze MS-BEsitzerin bin, weiß ich zwar schon eine ganze Menge (mehr über Erfahrungen als über Bücher gelernt…)

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