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Really, Really Wicked Hot…

Remember how I said yesterday that it was wicked hot here in Houston? Yeah, let me clarify that. It was a record breaking 104 degrees. 104. Ugh.

In other news, “Texans used a record 60,157 megawatts of power at Thursday’s peak hour, breaking the previous high of 59,098 set Wednesday.” You need that much electricity to cool us all down when it’s 104 outside. I hate using my ceiling fans (the swirling air gets my allergies every time) but I turned them on as soon as I got home on Wednesday night. I’ll keep popping Claritin – at least I’m cool, even though it’s wicked hot…

By Christine

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12 replies on “Really, Really Wicked Hot…”

I don’t know how I could handle this weather without ceiling fans. It’s too hot! Except at work, where it’s about 68 degrees (up from 65 when it’s only in the 90s outside).

I walked 10 blocks downtown on Tuesday (which was reported the hottest day to date) and actually have burns on the soles of my feet through my shoes!

I love the tunnel, but it’s not practical when you’re unsure of where you’re going!

Yeah, that ain’t wicked hot, it’s FUCKING hot!

It’s 75 here today, but so is the humidity, so we’re still swimming in the air. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your time here in the worst weather we’ve had all summer.

Yeah, it’s so hot the cockroaches are coming in to get cool and find water. I’ve not seen an indoors cockroach in months. Another unfortunate side-effect of the heat…

After realizing I want to kill stupid people in traffic when it’s only 80-something and humid, I don’t know if I can handle Texas summers. It’s just too hot!

You’re reminding me why I only lasted 15 months down in Houston 8 years ago. LOL. Could be worse…you could be in Europe where there’s been record heat and most of those folks don’t have AC because it normally doesn’t get that hot.

I’m just fine here in Maryland where it has been fairly temperate this summer. We just had a shitty winter, LOL. 🙂

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