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Really? Who Would have Guessed?

Michael Jackson to be charged with child molestation

Get out. Really? And here we all thought those sleepovers at the Neverland Ranch were just so innocent. Yeah, riiiiiiiiiight. [Via Jenni]

By Christine

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18 replies on “Really? Who Would have Guessed?”

if he gets charged, i’d be very curious to see what he really looks like under all that make up.

and how come he just sleeps with little boys? what about the little girls?

he’s a sick, sick man…

The latest screams of protest from Jackson’s flack are that the cops were waiting to snare him this week, since he’s filming a video and has a greatest hits album out. Personally, I’m a nasty cynic. Don’t tell me his legal eagles didn’t know these charges were coming. How much you wanna bet Jackson’s people set up the scheduling dates so there was a chance his album would be on the shelves when this news broke? You’d think it would make his sales decline, but I somehow doubt it.

He should have been receiving serious help eons ago. It’s too late now. Someone has to protect these kids from their money-grubbing “guardians” who seem to enjoy selling the children to Jackson for his own purposes.

Is that asshat still coated with Teflon?

Hello Madame Cookie, I just discovered your blog from someone else. I don’t know who cuz I go linkity linkity link all the time. If you really want to know I’ll do some backtracking, but right now I am too lazy. Just saying hi for now.

If he’s found guilty (ahem…), a part of his sentencing should be to pay a yearly fine that will be used to fund prosecution against people who abuse children.

I’m all for taking down maniac celebrities, but I wonder how much money is going to be spent on this case — and how many other abuse cases could be successfully prosecuted with that money?

Sorry, for just barging in…


FIRST: I am not a fan of micheal Jackson(MJ).

I hope you see what a kind of live MJ has. He was put up onto the stage at 5 and is performing all the time until now. He never had a childhood and a normal life! I think that changes a person. He just doesn’t know how to react normally. Look at the problem with the plastic surgery. That is just one way of him trying to scream for help and say i want to change in to something nobody can see anymore. The neverland ranch, just another way to say that he has never had a NORMAL youth. He is trying to compensate for this.
I don’t think it is a wise thing for MJ to let childern sleep over in his bed. Not a wise thing to do….
I hope that MJ gets aquitted of the charges and that he learns a lesson of this ordeal!
I think that he is a very sad person and need proffesional help!

Johan, you’re right. He has had a hard life, and was started off on a musical career which hasn’t been easy. That said – other people, including his brothers (who still look black, not like an alien freak like Michael) were in the same boat. At some point in life, his choices took over – even if they were forced, wrong, or anything else. At some point in time he has to stop playing the “pity me” blame game and either GET HELP or suffer the consequences of his own actions. Period. Enough is enough.

And I want to bitch-slap the parents who let their boys spend the night there. I would never, ever allow my 11 year old son do that without my personal supervision.

The latest charges I heard were that Michael got the 12-year old drunk, drugged him, and then had sex with him. That just sounds so… fake. Sure, I don’t care for Jacko, maybe he’s not the best father, but should we buy this? Maybe this kid’s father just wants to extort money from poor Jacko.

I can see it now… “Battle at Neverland Ranch”, a standup of Waco proportions… him and Liza Minelli out there with guns…

Yep. I have as many issues with those parents as I do with MJ. There is something wrong with all of these people that they would allow Michael that kind of unsupervised access to their children. And the kids have to pay the price. Very sad.

What gets me is that the stupid ignorant mothers of these kids willingly trade their child over … and when he refuses to pay for their crack/alcohol/sex addiction … they scream child abuse. The entire situation needs a good strong nuke.

Micheal will have plenty of time to get help with the prison Pyschaitrist this f#$ has molested hundreds of kids this time he got caught. it is not money motivated reasearch the law you will discover if you start a crimminal proceding you can not sue civilly until the case is concluded. if they wanted money they could have just sue him in civil court where the burden of proof is much less. heres the kicker go to smoking and read the sworn statement of the first kid in 93 i was absolutely disgusting WARNING its is detailed, graphic and very disturbing! the parents of the second victim should also be charged for endangering their kid. micheal jackson kids should be taken (i heard he bought these kids surrogate mother) and the cps should investigate and watch these parents who allow the kid to used as sex to by a drugged out mentally disturbed known rumoured pediphile oh if you ever heard convicted pediphiles talk from prison the say they would do it again the cant control the urges IT IS AN INCURRABLE condition with todays medical science
all he has to get is a year or two in the slammer the convicts will insure there is justice . maybe micheal jackson sold his soul to the devil
he gets to (for awile) be the greatest of all time who was bigger richer more talented. king of the world. now this insanity and deviance the devil gets his due next to george bush has to be the most hated man in the world who would want to be micheal jackson now

He guilty as hell and must be prosecuted and punished. You people who think that he had a sad life or difficult life get your heads out off your ……….. and wake up. Nobody stopped him from getting help and its a little too late for that now.

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