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Reason #537…

Reason #537 why I like working for myself? There is absolutely no way I could be fired for what I write on my blog.

For the rest of you who don’t have the luxury of having a blogcentric job, watch what you post online. You don’t want to be the next statistic.

By Christine

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Been there, done that, didn’t bother with the t-shirt. (Wasn’t the whole reason I lost my job a few years ago but it was a contributing factor.) Don’t talk specifics about my job in public anymore.

When I went to work for a law firm was when I added password protected entries to my site. Not only did I want to restrict who was reading what (if anything) I wrote about work, I wanted to keep other things like political beliefs private too. Just in case…

When I worked out of the house, I refrained from commenting about work on my blog, aside from blah blah stuff about going to lunch with co-workers, and I kept it pretty quiet that I had a blog, even though my personal sites are used on my resume. Just thought it was prudent. Even now, I am reluctant to post about former employers although I have some really gritty stuff I’d like to post about a reall ass of a former boss.

I refrain from saying anything about my work or complaints about friends and family… heck, I rarely even discuss anything about the guys I’m dating… you never know who might be reading. That kindof limits the content but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I think it’s about being smart. Just don’t write about your work on your blog. Period. End of story. It does make me mad though, that employers can fire you for something you do outside of work time. That just doesn’t seem fair.

I never write anything specific about work. I just complain that I don’t enjoy my job. No one I work with would ever know I have a blog since I don’t use my real name anyway. I WISH I worked from home. I need to start my own business.

I never post about my job on my blog. But I fear the day when I could be fired just for having one (nobody knows I have one, and I have the statistics to prove it), just like people in Michigan are being fired for smoking on their own time.

Daisyhead is right. There’s no way you should be writing about a job if you care to keep it or would ever like another.

People seem to forget about a mysterious archive of all things called Google. Every employer worth their salt does research on prospective employees. Like it or not, sometimes you gotta take responsibility for opening your mouth. 🙂

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