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Reason Number 237…

I use Windows98 at work. I do not have a choice about using Windows98 at work. It is there, it is what we use, and that’s it. I just remembered reason #237 why I HATE Windows98.

I just experience not one, but at least three BSODs.

(That’s the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” in case you wondered what BSOD meant.)

I HATE Windows98. There are no BSODs in Win2000. Win2000 = gooooood. Win98 = evil.

By Christine

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I do agree that Windows 2000 is better than Windows 98, but I still get a form of the BSOD on my computer at work. It’s not the traditional BSOD, as it were. My computer at work will sometimes flash me a blue screen and then restart itself…all by itself. It usually happens when I’m in the middle of something. But I think that’s more of a hardware issue than a Windows issue.

Ahh, but is it Win98FE (First Edition), Win98SE (Second Edition)? Is it retail or OEM version of either of those? With or without service packs? And hotfixes? And rollup patches?

… the real question is how many dead chickens you’ve waved over the keyboard this month in order to make it work.

lol Windows 2000 has many BSODS. Windows Xp has them also. Certainly not as much as Windows 98, but it happens quite often.

I work as internal help desk for AT&T and I take thousands of hardware and software calls a month from AT&T employees.

Most of AT&T has been on Windows 2000 Pro for over a year now.

No, in order to truly eliminate your BSOD’s, just convince your bosses to get you a dual PowerMac running Mac OS X or YellowDog Linux.

Really? Because I’ve been using Win2000 since July, 2001 and I have *never* seen a BSOD on my Win2000. Oh, sure, it’s locked up from time to time (rarely, but it has happened) – but no BSODs on my Dell Latitude with Attitude or my ancient PC desktop (Compaq) running Win2000.

I guess you don’t want to hear that my computer just passed the one year mark of not crashing….Only ever restart or shut down when I am traveling, or install software that needs me to restart… But OSX doesn’t really apply to this conversation.. nevermind..

Novell was great for staying up. I had a Novell Netware box that was literally up for years.

Second to that was Linux. I’ve had some uptimes in years of duration. But worldwide power failures and other natural disasters (such as moving from apartment to apartment which is usually classified as a “disaster”) have caused me to break the record.

But all evangelism aside, I must say that I do use Windows 2000 daily and that it is extremely stable … next to other releases of Microsoft products! Anyone can make Windows (of any flavor) crash, freeze, BSOD if they want to. But generally unless you poke Win2K with a stick it just sits there passively and cheerfully waiting to accept the next IE virus.

I love my WinXP Pro… I was getting the BSOD and unexplained lockups several times a day with Win98SE so I switched to XP Pro about a year ago and am so glad that I did!

My PC is on 24-7, hosting my website, and in frequent use by me & my 10 yr old daughter. I can’t remember the last time I actually got a BSOD, and the locking up has nearly completely stopped, with the exception of some recent virus issues that wigged it out for a day… I usually only reboot when software install/uninstall programs require it.


I’ve had good and bad with Win98. My desktop that used 98 crashed a lot. But my laptop now has 98SE, upgraded as far as it will go, and I don’t get BSOD. I do get occasional won’t-quite-load problems, but not bad.

OSX != BSOD. I have had this PowerBook (my first Mac) for over a year. I restart when they tell me to for software installs and security patches. I’ve become a Mac Geek ungh!

There is a certain discussion board where my opinions are not welcome to the vast majority of posters (let’s just say I’m a political moderate in the midst of extremists). Every time I post on that board, my computer freezes immediately after and I have to reboot. I use Windows XP.

I have found a somewhat inconvenient and imperfect bypass to the problem, as follows:

– I have cookies from that site on block at almost all times, except when I hit the “Reply” button to a message.

– I clear the cookie blocking immediately after hitting the “Reply” button, when I receive the request to enter my userid and password.

– I enter my userid and password to get the reply text entry box.

– I then immediately reblock cookies from that site, and clear the cache of cookies.

– I enter and submit my reply.

– I then clear the cookie cache again so that the computer does not hang in the IE browser (otherwise it hangs “forever”).

I’m not sure, but I think the computer will occasionally freeze or go into memory dump mode regardless of the above procedure, as somehow the cookie “gets through” the next time I take blocking off (or even if I don’t). I’m not sure of this, however, since I have varied my procedure to this time.

Note that the computer has never frozen in the last 12 months or more other than due to the problem with accessing that message board site.

Any ideas?



By the way, I forgot to mention that:

– I run Spybot, the latest version, frequently.

– I have a home network, with a D-Link router.

– My ISP occasionally changes my IP number, using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

– I always use Norton Anti-Virus to scan inoming and outgoing email and other files.

– I am careful to keep my disks clean, doing frequent emptyings of the caches and temporary files, and frequenty degrags.

Still, I have the problem described in the message just sent.



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