Recap of the past week

At my Uncle Terry’s house again – we came into Winona for lunch. I made sure I brought my stuff and took a nice hot shower here instead of taking one at the campgrounds this morning. Ahhhhhh… it felt so nice. Never appreciate those things as much as you do when you have had to shower at a bath house with cold water for a few days!

Here is a recap of what we have done so far:

Friday, June 29, 2001 – The trip to Bismarck, North Dakota: Left the house on Friday at 2pm to head to Houston Intercontinental airport. We had a 5pm flight out of Houston to Minneapolis, and then left Minneapolis at 10:15pm to fly into Bismarck, North Dakota. I forgot how big that airport is in Minneapolis – really nice. I went to the TGIFriday’s right by our gate and picked up some French Onion soup which I had been craving all week. It was yummy! Figured there wouldn’t be too many chances for that in ND! Arrived there around midnight, then we rented a car for the rest of our trip at the airport. Got the luggage and headed to the Bismarck Holiday Inn. After we checked in we went up to our suite to go to bed – pretty tired after such a long day. Unfolded the hide-a-bed couch that I was sleeping on with Jason, and when he climbed in he discovered that there were “crumbs” in it – ewww! So we had to call down to the front desk to get clean sheets brought up. Finally got to bed after 1:30am. I was beat!
Written on the plane on the Handspring: The pilot just announced that it is 92 degrees in Minnesota. I thought I was going North to enjoy cool weather! It took us awhile to leave the ground in Houston since the weather was bad. At least we were not delayed too long. It is real comforting when they tell you that we are waiting for a few “more” minutes due to the windshear. Oh yeah!

Saturday, June 30, 2001 – Visiting Bismarck and heading over to Sykeston: Got up and went down to the indoor pool at the hotel. Ordered breakfast from the restaurant to have room service deliver poolside. It took them 45 minutes to get it to us and then they still only brought half of it. My Aunt Rita and her twins, my cousins James & Jewel came over to the hotel to see us and the kids all went swimming. Left the pool around noon and checked out of the hotel. Afterwards we went to Rita’s apartment to visit with them awhile longer; my Dad & I went to K-Mart to pick up a cheap tent so that he could take Jason camping in Sykeston, North Dakota when we got there. At about 5pm we left Bismarck and got on the road for Sykeston – where my maternal Grandfather lives.

That’s all I have time for now. Everyone is waiting for me to hit the road and head back out to the campground. I’ll be back soon!

By Christine

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