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Palm to acquire rival Handspring

I think I’m going to cry. I’ve always loved my Handspring, and I think part if it was because they weren’t owned by Palm. I guess now that Handspring is only developing phones anyways, and I already have Visor, this won’t really affect me personally – but I’m still sad to see them go. [via Evan]

By Christine

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I always went with handspring as my own little slam against the “big boys” of business. Not that it seems it helped at all, I just didn’t want to be like everyone else. Palm users always seemed a little snotty at the time (no offense people).

Yes, I’m a bit saddened by the news, but then I’ve been happy with my Visor Edge for awhile now … and the Treos just aren’t my bag, baby. My next “pda” will probably be a tablet. 😉

I love my Handspring more because it’s not a Palm, because the technology was better, because it’s so beautiful! NO NO NO Don’t let it become part of Palm!

well, this will reveal that i am not really one of you at all, but then i never really have been. i got a handspring visor right when they came out, at the urging of darling roommate, and after trying for a few months to use it, just tossed it in a desk drawer and went back to organizing my life on scraps of paper stuffed in pockets and post-it notes round the edges of my monitor. so far, so good.

I guess I lose my geek-badge over this too – I have a PDA – almost never use it. (It’s a glorified address book for me) Truth be told, the batteries died out weeks ago, and I never bothered to replace them. If wireless internet access was more affordable – then I guess I’d upgrade and get one that could browse the web… but even then – more times than not, I’m near a laptop or desktop, and it’s easier than browsing on a pda.

my technolust has gotten the better of me. And now I have decided that I’m going to stick with my palm m100 and I’m not going to buy another electronic gadget for the rest of my life. Or until I can aford it.

Saw your question about sending pictures from your phone over at Not sure you are reading the reply there, and can’t find an email address to you so I copy my reply here:

Are you able to email or send MMS to an email address from your Phone? Then you can send pictures to your site. There are a few scripts available for autopublishing emailed pictures, like the one by David Raynes: for Movable Type. If you have any perl programming knowledge and control of your server, you can roll your own, like I did at Unfortunately it does not publish to MT. Yet.

Well, I don’t use my Visor to keep myself organized – my paper planner and lots of post-it notes are for that. I use it to play games, or with my GPS module, or with the Eyemodule camera!

You know Apple merged with Power Computing and then the company made their best computers after that. Same thing with 3dFX and Nvidia. Palm is buying Handspring to get the workers and together they are going to be making some great PDA systems.

Did somebody say Tablet? Tablet PC? Hm?

I bought a Visor Deluxe, pre-ordered from Handspring before their release. It was the first PDA I owned. I liked Handspring because it was the Palm creators who had left 3Com. Having said that, I think the market is so competetive right now between PocketPC and PalmOS that unifying the Palm platform might not be a bad idea – merge to survive.

Palm reunites with Handspring again (Part Deux)
I read this blog shortly after I wrote about my 2cents opionion. Here’s my 2cents more: I think the merger is great. Afterall Palm is the company who started this (PDA) revolution and Handspring makes them even better. Both Palm…

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