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Stones Keep On Rolling…

Spotted in today’s Houston Chronicle:

In 1967, the Rolling Stones weren’t allowed to sing “Let’s spend the night together” on television because the words were too racy.

In 2003, the Sheraton hotel chain uses “Let’s spend the night together” as its slogan in cute television commercials.

Ironic, isn’t it? I found it amusing.

By the way – we’re getting a ton of rain right now in downtown Houston. Want to see? It’s pelting against my window, which is a sort of cool sound.

By Christine

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Yeah, I heard that commercial the other day. I had a similar thought, like this would never has been okay back then.

It’s raining in Angleton too, we need it but it’s too bad it couldn’t be more spread out.

The biggest difference is that the Stones version of the song conveys sexuality – whatever band that is on the Sheraton commercial (sounds like Bon Jovi, looks like Goo Goo Dolls) sings it like they’re just excited about the indoor pool and free continental breakfast.

That’s kinda like when people were horrified that there was a toilet shown on TV in Leave it to Beaver. 🙂 Rain, huh? Never heard of it… *barf* (We’ve had almost daily rain for about two weeks now … I’m sick of it!)

We went the entire month of May without rain – I think we’re about 20 inches below our annual average – I just hope we don’t get it all in one day like we did two years ago! (21 inches in 24 hours is just TOO much!)

perhaps it’s more acceptable because the “band” in the commmercial is about as dangerous and sexy as a Monkees episode.

of course, Mick is about as dangerous and sexy as my uncle Corky these days…but I digress.

I hear that at a large unnamed corporation in the U.S. that cubicles are called “Zones of Value” or ZOVs.

It’s been raining, raining, raining in Toronto. Cold. Damp. Wet. Moist. Humid.

When. Is. Summer. Going. To. Be. Here!!!

I think it’s acceptable because it sounds like when they say “let’s spend the night together,” it’s the hotel inviting you to spend a night with them… so it’s not sexual, it’s just you staying at someone’s place, that’s all. But damn, does that song ever stick in my head (their version, not the Rolling Stones).

I think it’s ok too – it was more the irony that things have changed so much in 35 – 40 years. Back then, Lucy and Ricky couldn’t even share a bed on “I Love Lucy” – these days, we have bed hopping all over the place on shows like Friends and many others. TV and the media, as a whole, has completely changed.

The name of the band is Convoy. I have
a CD by them called Black Licorice. They
have a song on it that’s dead-on Stones
called “Lossen it” Perhaps that is why
they were picked for the Ad. Anyway the
album has a very 70’s feel, and it’s
really good.

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