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Schwarzenegger criticized for Austrian history gaffes – Sep 3, 2004

Schwarzenegger criticized for Austrian history gaffes. When all else fails, call them Communists.

By Christine

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2 replies on “Schwarzenegger criticized for Austrian history gaffes – Sep 3, 2004”

It’s sad that the media’s not so quick to do the same with Kerry’s “seared” memories — talk radio excepted, of course.

Hope you and yours have a good Labor Day weekend. 🙂

I watched Arnold’s speech after reading about that and was a bit disappointed: the parts in question didn’t really even play a significant part in his speech. I think he got one powerful line in about leaving Socialism to come to the U.S. The rest was background/setup.

If it was a legitimate mis-recollection, it is unfortunate that his writers didn’t fact-check the speech, or think about how it might be scrutinized. That said, it doesn’t take people in office with Socialist party memberships to have a Socialist (in practice) state.

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