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My knitting obsession hasn’t gone to this point. Yet. It would probably be a good addition to once I get it set up…

I sure hope that is a soft yarn…

By Christine

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It’s a pretty soft yarn; I’m working on a bra-type garment made from it and it’s not bad for next-to-skin wear at all. It’s got a bit of lycra in it, too, so it’ll stretch.

Not sure why people get so freaked out at seeing homemade undergarments–what do you think people did before you could go to the stores and pick up a few pairs of underpants?

I think they sewed them. Normally with a cotton muslin of some sort. I doubt that they knitted them, and back when you couldn’t buy underwear in a store … people weren’t wearing thongs. 😀

I’m not freaked out when I see them though – I’m amused by them!

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