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Should I Listen?

I went to Best Buy earlier to pick up a new headset for my cell phone and a new copy of Age of Empires II for Jason (I lost his first copy. It has to be here somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it for two weeks.) While I was there, I spotted CDs for a free 14-day trial of Rhapsody Digital Music Service. Has anyone tried it? Is it going to be another nightmare experience like Jennifer’s whole BuyMusic experience? Any tips or info would be appreciated!

By Christine

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They claim you can burn the music to CDs… but after that BuyMusic experience I am very leary of it all!

I almost called you from Best Buy to find out which one you had used – I was that paranoid!

Here is a superbly profound idea: have a computer in a store with a huge load of MP3’s from a whole bunch of artists, a CD burner, and USB/FireWire connectors. You would select your music, make a playlist, burn it as audio or MP3CD format, or load it into your player with the USB/FireWire. Charge $0.50 per song flat-rate. Have people who burn the files off to a CD buy a blank from the shop.

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