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I’ve found an amusing way to absolutely annoy the heck out of Jason. Whenever the commercial for those Skippy Squeeze Stixs things comes on, I sing along. It’s this annoying kiddy-rap commercial that comes on way too often on Cartoon Network. “Squeeze the Skippy, it’s the Skippy you Squeeze!” The second the commercial starts, Jason grabs the Tivo remote hoping he can fast forward through it. I sing along. He glares at me, and I laugh. Cracks me up every time. Almost as much fun as saying “Harry Potter!” with my fake British accent. He hates it when I do that!

On a completely unrelated note, I really want a pink phone like Faith’s. It’s too adorable!

By Christine

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6 replies on “Squeeze…”

I work at a TV station so I tend to see the same commercials over, and over, and over, and you get the point. Some of them become infectious and I end up singing along on the headsets. Drives my crew bonkers. It’s quite fun!

Oh my hat! I’ve seen that commercial WAY too often.

When I first saw it, I greeted it with indifference. But after having it pounded into my head during practically EVERY commercial break I’ve come to LOATHE it. But yet, for as much as I am annoyed by it, I cannot get the bloody thing out of my head and I find myself singing it.

To attest to the pervasive nature of that (I use this word in the most general, broadest sense of the word) ‘song’, my sisters have begun singing it with regularity and the only exposure they’ve had to it was ME!


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