Should they have edited the movies?

From Hollywood Yells ‘CUT!’, “Critics have reported audiences being “roused to applause” when they caught a glimpse of the Twin Towers in “Glitter,” while others have noted that preview audiences “squirmed in their seats” as they looked for the familiar skyscrapers in “Zoolander” and found them missing.”

I think they should have left them in Zoolander. I understand the logic behind removing them, but it just isn’t right. Of course that is just my opinion. Now tell me what you think.

By Christine

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6 replies on “Should they have edited the movies?”

I totally agree… What, are we going to pretend they NEVER existed. They did. They were photographed and filmed. Now they’re gone. It’s very sad, yes, but when a loved one is gone, do you get rid of the evidence that they were ever here? No! I think this whole thing about removing them from movies, etc. is bizarre. Haven’t we seen movies in which one of the actors died before the film was released… That was okay… Why should this be different! I think people are getting a little too hyper about being “sensitive” with this subject. It’s really odd!… Sorry to use your comment board for my rant! 🙂

The idiots are pretending like they never existed. What are we going to do, wig out and scream if we see them in a movie? More like cry when you know they were there but now they’re not. I don’t think the people who died there would want us to forget that they used to exist.

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