Silence is Golden…

I have intentionally stayed offline this weekend just to get lots of stuff done. Friday night I had some nice unwinding time and did some housework. Saturday morning we had to run to the dentist office. Oh, I forgot to mention that one of my permanent crowns that was glued in in November had popped out while I was eating lunch on Friday. Yes, it was a lovely sight and I think Kymberlie thought she was going to have to rescue me from choking – when really all that was happening was I was trying to avoid swallowing the crown. By yesterday morning the poor tooth hurt. Bad. So I met Dr. Troy at his office and we put it back into place, but with a transitional glue again just in case I need a root canal on that tooth. Then it was off to do the car registration, have the car inspected, and a trip to Wal-Mart. We came home and Jason & I watched “The Mummy”. Later on Chelsey & Jordan came by for pizza (Chelsey’s treat!) and some time to visit. Today has been pretty low key so far – the Christmas goodies need to come down tonight, but first I think we might head out to go see the Lord of the Rings.

By Christine

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3 replies on “Silence is Golden…”

Thank you for sharing your dental woes! The “permanent” crown I had put in on Wednesday just came out so I did a google search to on that type of situation and came across your blog. After I did a search on the word dentist, I see that you did end up needing a root canal, but it wasn’t related to this crown coming off, so I am feeling much less stressed. Of course, I am still worried that I’ve damaged the understructure — no more super-chewy foods for me! — or that I’ll swallow the damn thing (I’ve popped it back on) before I can get in to see my dentist.

Anyway, thank you for giving me perspective and hope!

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