Slip, Knit, Knit through back loop…

I’m over half way through the increase section of the Clapotis, after ripping it out and starting over at least 3 times. More actually, if you count the number of times I ripped out the first 3-4 rows. For anyone considering the Clapotis, I promise – it gets a lot better around row 8. Although I’m now eyeing the 144 rows I will be knitting in the Straight Rows and … wow. I’ve never had to knit so many rows with so many stitches. The Booga Bag has 100 stitches, but only about 100 rows total. I’ve made some long scarves, but the rows on those are short. 144 rows of 100+ stitches … wow. The fact that there is a pattern to the rows will help keep it interesting.

I’m making it with Plymouth Yarn’s “Bella Color” in a gray/blue stripe colorway. (Color no. 17) It was a hard yarn to get used to, and my Denise needles did not work well with it. I had to stop and get some metal circular needles yesterday so that I could keep moving on it. (Bamboo grips this yarn too much.) I’m now knitting on US#6 29″ circulars and it is smoooooth.

Now if I could just figure out how to purl the regular way Continental (instead of the Norwegian Purl), they 144 rows would probably go a lot faster. Throwing while purling is taking way too long!

By Christine

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Beautiful blog. I am working on a lap blanket now. It will be about 50″x 60″ when finished. It is a lot of work, but I agree with Gretchen, those big projects are worth the effort when they’re done.

Thnaks for checking out Naive Knitting!

Don’t feel bad at all, Christine. I ripped mine ten times. I couldn’t use aluminum, so I purchased some wooden needles. You are so right; 144 rows are a lot! It better look fabulous when we are done, right? LOL!


ok, I’m not a knitter (lack of coordination), but I read that entry and for some reason I kept reading it as clap-to-sis. LIke some kind of disease.

I LOVE SXSW. Love it. I lived in Austin for 12 years. I have withdrawals at least once a month.

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