Counting the Clicks…

Smart needles for distracted knitters:

“Rebecca SpenderĀ“s KnitWit are smart needles that keep track of the number of stitches you’ve already done. Movement sensors in the ends record the movement of the needles. This data is streamed via RF to a remote base station which decodes the signal, looking for a specific series of movements which correlate to the formation of a stitch. When a “stitch” is recognised, the LCD counter increments.

In a similar way the interaction between the two needles is used to determine when one row has been finished and another started and thus the rows counter increments too.”

Via Katie, who e-mails me all the cool knitting stuff she finds which make her think of me.

More posts with life updates and things like that later. For now, I need to go and knit. With regular needles, not smart ones.

By Christine

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Several of us were talking about those on one of the knitting sites the other day! The general consensus was pretty much that it’s a cool idea, but we bet that stuff like where you split the yarn and have to do the stitch over would play havoc with the counts, not to mention tinking, short rows, etc.

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