Yesterday when I wrote about the 10 people outside smoking at 9am, I forgot to mention that I don’t work with any of the people I saw outside. I have plenty of co-workers that do smoke weed, but all of them put in above and beyond a 40 hour work week, so that is probably why they can buy proto pipe deluxe whenever it breaks. I’m totally cool with that – even if they didn’t. It just amazes me, as a non-smoker, that a blunt could even be enjoyable that early in the morning. And I’m not against smoking, its just so bad for your health, if you would smoke e-cig then that would be fine because its not that bad. If you want to try it out then buy vape craft eliquid. Today there were only 3 people out there at 8am…

What is CBD oil?
CBD oil is the purified product resulting from the extraction of cannabidiol from the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants have more than 100 different cannabinoids. The two with the greatest presence are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC has psychoactive properties, but CBD does not. THC content of 0.3% or less is required for a CBD oil to be considered pure. CBD oils are extracted using different extraction techniques. Extraction through CO2 or olive oil is preferable, so manufacturers that are truly concerned with purity will use one of these procedures since other extraction methods can leave unwanted compounds in the final product.
What is the best CBD oil?
The best CBD oils are made by companies that disclose all of their ingredients and manufacturing methods. All legitimate products include documentation showing third-party testing results. Full-spectrum, THC-free oils that include a variety of cannabinoids are generally recognized as the best products available.
Does CBD oil work for dogs?
According to the American Kennel club, many dog owners have offered anecdotal evidence that CBD oil is effective. Claims include a reduction in anxiety, relieving seizures, an increase in sleeping time, and overall pain reduction. If you choose to try CBD oil for your dog, we recommend consulting your veterinarian.
What are the benefits of CBD oil?
Benefits of using CBD include pain relief, reducing depression and anxiety, and improving sleep. Although FDA approval has not yet been obtained, CBD has shown great promise when used to combat the side effects of cancer treatment, epilepsy, and acne. CBD oil users have also reported a noticeable effect on the libido. Glaucoma patients claim that CBD oil can reduce the pressure in the eyes.
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It’s really hard for non-smokers to understand. I am 17 and I’ve been smoking since I was about 13. I’ve tried to quit, but it never lasts. Mt parents and I have even tried to quit together, but it doesn’t work. But if you were a smoker you would understand why cigarettes are enjoyable that early. Most of the time their is very little pleasure in smoking, just what your brain tells you. But there is something about smoking in the morning. Especially the first cigarette of the day. Because you’ve been sleeping, and haven’t had a cancer stick in a long time. And after you hack up some delicious phlegm and maybe drink some coffe, you want a cigarette. Some advice: if you’re going to smoke because you want to, go right ahead, if you’re doing it for anyone but yourself, you’re living your life the wrong way. It may, at times, be about someone else, but remember it is ALWAYS about you.

Yep! It’s just simply the fact that your body hasn’t had nicotine in 8 plus or minus hours while sleeping, so the first cigarette in the morning is a necessary one to calm that physical addiction craving.

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