Snow Day!

As of midnight last night, school was in session today.

As of 2:30 am this morning (when I couldn’t sleep), school was in session today.

As of 5:15 am, as Jason was getting up for school, school was in session today.

As of 5:45 am, 15 minutes before Jason leaves for the bus (I know, crazy, right?), school was in session today.

As of 6:05 am, after Jason had left for the bus, school was canceled. A neighbor was nice enough to come out and tell him, and he called home to verify that it was correct.

I really, really wish the school district decide this a bit earlier than 10 minutes before the bus comes. I realize not all kids get on the bus that early, but come on. They could have figured it out by 5:00 am so that Jason didn’t have to get up and get ready for school.

Meanwhile, I will post icicle photos and the beer cheese soup recipe later today! Boy, I sure hope we have enough bread and milk to make it through. I know we have bread, not sure about the milk, and we are all out of butter and margarine. We may have to fix that.

PS – Today’s weight loss total is now 10 pounds down from my highest weight in January according to the home scale, 7 pounds down from my January 1 start weight. w00t!

By Christine

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It’s annoying, no? Here in Dallas, every single school district in the area is closed EXCEPT for DISD. And they were closed for about 10 minutes this morning . . . I was already on the road to work when Hub called (I don’t work for the schools, but my personal policy is that if schools are closed, it’s too dangerous for me to drive to work). So I turned around and came home. Then they reopened, but the district I actually live in stayed closed, so here I am sitting on my sofa! 🙂

We were out as well up here in Denton. My lovely roomie came in and worke me up at 7am to tell me campus was closed. I blessed her, snuggled back into the covers and slept for a few more hours…

It was nice.

P.S. Way to go on the weight loss!!

Yay! Congratulations on your January!!

There were several school districts in session today (mainly the eastern and southern ones) including mine. Lots of kids missing though and the ones that were there were whining. Fun! Is it Friday yet?

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