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Sorry Everybody…

Sorry Everybody, an apology to the rest of the world. We tried to elect a new president. Well, 48% of us did at least. [via Web-Goddess]

By Christine

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2 replies on “Sorry Everybody…”

The planet Earth – for surely it is bemoaning the election results, like the participants at – experienced about 4 minutes of levity today, thanks to this site. Here we see a sad bunch of folks kowtowing to an audience of gawkers with their “I wish the rest of my country were as smart as me” posters. How gracious of you all!

At least they are accomplishing two things with this site: 1) 48% of the country are all healing one another by pooling their disappointment (I like to listen to Chris Isaak from time to time for this same reason), and 2) 51% of the country is wondering, “Is this kind of pathetic display actually serving any purpose?”

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