South Beach Body For Life?

I went to Wal-Mart last night to look for the Body for Life journal that they used to carry (they don’t any more), and ended up walking out with the South Beach Diet book. Reading through it at the store, I was interested in his studies on the diet and blood sugar issues – I’ve been noticing for the past several months that if I don’t eat protein several times a day that I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of low blood sugar. I have to finish reading the book, but I think that I may actually merge the two plans. The diet for SB isn’t that different then the BFL diet – with the exception of the two week no carbs thing. I like the workouts that BFL promotes (you can even do them at home!). I think that going with the South Beach eating plan and the BFL exercise plan will help get me to where I want to be, I am very excited about this, after the program i am thinking on taking indoor spinning coach classes to become a trainer, so excited. 12 weeks. I can do 12 weeks, right? It’s just 84 days. That’s not that long at all.

I was also looking at the Dr. Phil Ultimate Weight Loss plan book. I haven’t heard as much about it, where I’ve been flooded with SBD positive reviews over the past few months. Now I just need to spend some more time researching – and making up a grocery list so I can stock up on what I need! The fastest way to fail is to not have the right food available!

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I did the BFL thing… I lost about 15 lbs, but as soon as I got really sick (and couldn’t work out), the weight packed back on. The workouts were pretty intense (5 days a week), and I honestly don’t miss that part. SB is recommended by my doctor, and I’m going to start that as well. My grandparents lost lots of weight and are controlling theirs by portion size. They just cut down on the amount of food they eat, and my grandmother lost like 60 lbs, and my grandfather about 25. They still eat regular food… just not a lot of it.

BFL is a good program: don’t get me wrong. Had I been able to stick with it, I’m sure I’d be an adonis. But, at least for me, it was not to be. =(

have you try to mix the WWCF plan with a half day BBZ plan but without any FFG recipes except the ones in the EEP plan but not in the FFHT plan?
no i am joking (a man joke i guess or a french man one maybe?).

Well, I am not one to endorse fad diets or programs. Personally, just eat sensible, eat efficient (i.e., get your veggies, meats and grains – and yes, you need meat, and fruits) and work out. That always seems to work. Now obviously I don’t mean gorge out on a can of Extra Cheesy Prinhles as efficient (mmm… pringles). But I think having a bite of them here and there is no big deal.

I, personally, have always been weary of books / fads / systems. Work out, eat smart, and stick with it. Simple. No “points” to count, no “daily regiment” or specificity. Humans lost weight for years before all this stuff came on the market.

But that’s me.

And, I must have been in a cave… Dr. Phil has a weight loss book?

I don’t dig on fad diets, but after I cut back on meat to once a week, max, I lost thirty pounds in a few months. Meat bad, soy good! Get the Whole Foods Market Cookbook- haven’t tried a bad recipe yet!

Not so sure I agree with Mr. Dave. I believe meat is a necessary part of the diet. But that’s me.

I know it sounds mean, but my personal belief (and forgive me here) is, in the words of one BBQ joint in College Station, Texas: “I ain’t at the top of the food chain to eat lettuce only.”

But in all seriousness, I think reasonable management and avoidance of fad diets is the way to go.

Jenn sent me here with the DEMAND to give you hugs and kisses – and if something’s going on and you need ’em, you’ve got ’em! Hugs, kisses, listening ear, a balled-up fist for anyone being mean to you – you got it all! Hope everything’s ok!

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